Hard at work

I love what I do and do what I love.

currently working very hard to replenish my shop with more handmade goodies.  Sold out, on a lot of my items during the holidays.  So visit my site often as I fill the shop with new crochet items and things.  thanks so much for everyone who made purchase during the holidays and helped me have another successful  year.  I love how the internet have made it possible for artists like myself to do what we love and able to support our creativity.



Creating the New Website

I am updating my website and working hard to get it ready for you guys to better serve and share with you all.  So please stop by again very soon for more updates.  Thanks much.

P.S. You, I stay on my instagram and nothing stops me from uploading new vids on my youtube channel, so make sure you follow me and subscribe for the latest and greatest!




Organizing with Dollar Tree

Been stocking up my buttons lately and found these jars from the Dollar Tree store to help me organize them and still stay on the budget.

Dollar Tree Organizer

Packaging Materials

I’m always looking for ways to update my packaging materials.

One way is using these 4x reclosable bags, found in the craft area of Walmart.  For larger pieces I’m still using sandwich bags.  And after watching a documentary about plastic and how it harms our planet and environment, I’m now in search of alternate packaging materials.  If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment below.  thanks

Crochet Sweater

Recently learned how to crochet this hexagon sweater.  I’ve done several version of this and I’m lovin’ it.

below is a summer version of this pattern.


New Listings

Just added some new listings.  and they are crochet cover for e-readers and kindle

check them out.  Several style to choose from.

crochet covers for kindle ereader

New Business Cards

Check out my new business cards by www.Aplusprintshop.net

Loving the simplicity and the matte feel of these business cards.

Crochet Dog Sweater

Some are happy that our weather here in Middle Georgia is mild, like in the 70’s.
I’m not so happy.  Because my dogs can’t wear their handmade crochet sweaters I made them last year.


Granny Square Baby Blanket

Not your typical colors for a baby blanket.  But I love colors and I love them bright.  So instead of going for the soft pastel, I decided to go bold with this baby blanket.

Repurposed Organizer

Took the garbage out and noticed that my daughter threw away her very expensive acrylic organizer.  Grabbed it out the trash bin, gave it a good washed, let it air dry and now my crochet hooks and things have a new organizer.